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Creating private meeting spaces and networking zones at exhibitions and conferences to power more effective meetings and presentations.

Our fleet of meeting pods are available to hire for conferences and exhibitions. All our pods are fully mobile with power charging, lighting and other features.

This is a fully managed solution and our pods are Covid-19 safe using Mundex, a plant based antiviral and antibacterial surface coating. We can add a cleaning service during events or provide a cleaning kit.

Subject to location, quantity and duration, our pod hire fees range from £150.00 per day.

XEC Lounge

In January 2020, we launched our first permanent XEC Lounge at the NEC in the Piazza Area between Halls One and Two, and close to the rail link. It is open daily and has a capacity for 60 people.

This premium space features a meeting room for eight people plus an open plan lounge area with works stations and meeting pods.

Whilst the lounge is for everyday day use as a meeting and workspace, it can also be hired for events, group presentations or as an exclusive VIP area for exhibitors and their guests with options for catering.

Access to the lounge is from £15.00 per person and includes complimentary refreshments and high speed WiFi connectivity. The lounge can also be also used for private events with options for catering.

At International Confex 2020, we showcased a pop-up version of the XEC Lounge with options for 40, 60 or 100 people.


During the lockdown, we have been researching the market to find solutions that can help Third Space and our partners to return to a form of normal operation whilst providing a high level of protection for employees, customers, guests, visitors and passengers.

In launching our innovation programme called Six times Six, we are proactively seeking to work and collaborate with partners to showcase six solutions to help the events industry overcome the challenges presented by the impact of Covid-19.

The aim is to bring fresh thinking and new solutions to ensure the safe return and future sustainability of this vitally important industry.

These include Mundex and EmagiSpace with more partners to be announced soon.


Developed by Munditia Technologies GmbH, Mundex is a antibacterial and antiviral hygiene coating that can be applied to hard and soft surfaces to create a self-disinfecting shield to help prevent the spread of SARS COV-2 (Covid-19).

We have partnered with Munditia Technologies GmbH to launch Mundex in the UK with a focus on events, academia, hospitality, travel and the workspace.

The MAT® polymer coating forms an elephant skin and can be applied to hard surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramics or wood using a simple process of spraying, rolling or wiping. Soft surfaces such as non-woven fabrics and textiles can also be protected using methods such as spraying and dipping, squeegeeing, foaming or padding.

The Mundex solutions have been tested for their long term efficacy and use purely physical interaction to kill micro-organisms. As an important consideration, they are free of nanotechnologies and are biocide-free.

When used in conjunction with a pH neutral cleaner, Mundex is more cost effective than fogging and significantly cheaper than time consuming and labour intensive use of repeatedly disinfectant sprays.

For further information, take a look at the introduction video below:


As innovative thinkers, we want to explore how we can build the next generating of booths, keynote speaker and presentation auditorium smarter with reduced build times, costs and less waste.

EmagiBlock was developed in the US to provide a more efficient, sustainable and cost effective solution to build film studio sets. In launching the EmagiBlock solution into the UK, this lego style build system, we are promoting a fresh approach to creating shell scheme style exhibition booths and barriered meeting zones.

With a 50% reduction in build time and near zero waste, the erected EmagiBlock designs can be skinned with graphics. We are also applying Mundex to provide increased safety against Covid-19.

With CAD design capability, we see EmagiBlock as a game changer in the events industry as organisers and exhibitors will be looking for increased value and time saving solutions.

For further information, take a look at the introduction video below:

Opus Network

Even before the lockdown, we were seeing a shift towards more agile and remote working.

Now, it is predicted that life will never be the same again with far sweeping changes to many aspects of our work, travel and social lives.

We are embracing this new world by introducing innovative solutions to support professional business-people when they are back on the move.

Using experience gained from creating business lounges and meeting zones at events, we are excited to announce the launch of the OPUS Pod Network to provide a workspace solution in airports, major railway stations, conference centres and other destination venues.

This network will feature work pods located in key locations where people are between meetings or waiting to travel. The objective is to create a flexible, quiet and secure workspace where people can work, make calls and access high speed internet.

Access to the Opus Pods will require membership and use of an App-based booking engine which will provide the user with a unique code for pod accessibility.

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